Updated April 12, 2007 

Technology Idea: DNA - The Molecule of Life


Experiencing and learning about DNA can be done in the classroom on the computer!

CyberEd DNA The Molecule of Life is an excellent multimedia CD-ROM. This software uses interactive exercises, movies, animations and tests to help students understand DNA concepts. All frames of the CD presentation have quality narration.

The CD can be used as a sequential tutorial/lesson in which students are guided in a "discovery mode", or it can be used by accessing individual interactive lessons. Here are some examples from the CD-ROM:

Text supplements are also provided with these CDs, which can serve as an excellent "tour guide" for the CD presentation.

Note that there are several other related CD-ROMs that are also very interesting and useful for the Cells and Genetics units. The complete CyberEd biology CD-ROM product list is available here.

Interested in this or any other CyberEd CD-ROM? Get purchasing and availability information from this complete review.


This activity can be a simple exploration or students can be asked to collect and note information as they do the tutorial. Examples:

1. Use your computer to journey completely through the DNA tutorials.
2. Complete any worksheets that are assigned by the teacher.
3. Use the pre-test and post-test for evaluation. The tests can be set with different time limits to challenge yourself!

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